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Cortical Visual Impairment 
with Dr Christine Roman-Lantzy & Lindsay Hillier

Children with cortical visual impairment generally have normal functioning eyes but they have damage to areas of the brain effecting their vision. With 40% to 80% of the brain required to process visual images (Morse, 1990), it is common for brain damage to effect vision. Vision loss results from the brain’s inability to properly integrate and organize visual information that it receives from the eyes.


It is very difficult for normally sighted people to imagine how a child with CVI sees and perceives his/her environment. Yet it is vital for team members of a child with CVI to try to imagine the child’s visual world in order to help provide meaning, support and cohesion to the child’s visual experiences (Hyvärinen, 2004; Lueck, 2005).

Our 6 day Professional Development training has been put together to equip professionals to identify, assess and support children with CVI through targeted intervention strategies.

Our workshops have been created to help parents, teachers and caregivers learn more about CVI and how to help give their children the best chance at using their vision functionally, as well as therapists who want to dive deeper in to specific topics.

About our international CVI experts

Dr Roman-Lantzy and Lindsay Hillier will be traveling from the USA and Canada to to offer this tailored training program and workshops. This is an excellent opportunity to learn for these two experts directly.

Click here for more information and to register for the training and/ or workshops:

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