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Cortical Visual Impairment

Range Assessment and Intervention

Jordon CVI 3
Jordon CVI 1
CVI Assessment

In order to implement the correct intervention strategies to help a child with CVI improve their functional vision, it is important to know what phase they are in on the CVI Range. 

At Neurogenesis we offer a full CVI Range assessment and follow up coaching sessions for parents who would like assistance implementing the intervention strategies at school and at home.

Range Assessment and Intervention Report

A CVI Range Assessment in done to evaluate a child’s functional vision. Once completed a full report will be provided which will assist you to:​

  • Understand how your child sees best

  • Intervention recommendations

  • Develop and improve skills

  • Find solutions to problems

  • Provide recommendations to set up or change an environment in all daily activities.


  • +/- 2 Hours


  • R2500

Once the CVI Range assessment has been completed you can sign up for our In person Intensive CVI Sessions or online coaching program.

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