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Anat Baniel Method®NeuroMovement Online Coaching

Through our online coaching sessions you will learn more about how to implement the 9 essentials to help your child, yourself, or another adult in your life, get rid of aches and pains, recover from injury, or surgery, enhance well-being and move past limitations.

During the coaching sessions the ABM NeuroMovement® Practitioner guides a caregiver in implementing the 9 Essentials of the Method. This coaching helps wake up the brain of the child, or adult, to create positive changes for everyone.

Note: Able adults can get Through Your Hands sessions without a caregiver.

These sessions are not the same type of lessons that we provide in person at our ABM Center, nor are they an attempt to provide NeuroMovement® lessons through the caregiver. Rather, these sessions are an opportunity to create a process in the daily life and activities of the caregiver and the child, or the adult with special needs, that brings progress and often transformations.

One on One Parent/ Caregiver Coaching
In these one-on-one sessions, the ABM practitioner will discuss each of the 9 essentials of ABM, how to embody them and apply them in your daily life in order to facilitate positive brain change in yourself and your child.
Sessions for parent or caregiver only.
Observational Coaching
In these sessions the ABM practitioner will observe your interactions with your child with in your usual routine and help to guide you to implement the 9 essentials in that moment.
We recommend doing this option after completion of option 1.
The child needs to be present at these sessions.


Guided Movement Lessons
Have you suffered a brain injury or stroke? Do you have chronic pain? Are you finding it more and more difficult to do everyday actions? Or do you just want to improve your overall health, vitality and physicality? Transformational Movement Lessons (TMLs) are one-on-one sessions where the practitioner will take you through a series of NeuroMovements  that awaken the remarkable capacity of the brain to create new connections and new possibilities which will help you to improve physically, mentally and emotionally.

These are only for adults or older children who are able to follow instructions. If you have great difficulty in physically following instructions you may have a caregiver present to assist you.


Online One-on-One sessions:

4 x 30 minute zoom calls with a parent - R450 per session - total R1800

Online Observational sessions:

4 x 30 minute zoom calls with the parent and child - R450 per sessions - total R1800


Online Guided Movement Lessons:

4 x 30 minute zoom calls - R450 per sessions - total R1800


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